Recovery Week

With my big mountain adventure behind me, and a few other adventures in front of me, this is going to be a week of taking it easy. One of my cycling mentors warned me about training too hard and either peaking too early or burning out, so I am heeding his advice this week. This is a week for chilling and eating well.

That does not mean I’ll be completely off the bike. I plan to take part in a couple evening riding sessions, probably about 40 miles total. Saturday is the Colon Cancer Challenge hosted by Lexington Medical Center. This will be a metric century ride and a lot of the course will be the same as the Little Mountain ride I did a couple weeks back. It will not be a strenuous ride, but there will be a few hills. I plan to test my muscles and treat this as a sprint. I rode the Little Mountain at 17 mph but that was with a group. My goal this time will be between 18-19 mph. That might be a a tall order, but could happen if I get in the right pack.

The following weekend will be the After the Bridge Ride, which will be mostly flat and I hear it is VERY fast. I may try to keep up with the lead pack, although I probably will not be able to hang with them for long.

For those who enjoyed the Marquis de Sade ride entries, you may also enjoy these ride reports from a couple people I met along the ride — Kathrin and Mike.

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