Mount Mitchell Photo Journal

Usually I include a few photos in my ride summary posts, but there were just so many for Mitchell that they warrant their own post. Note that I took most of these from the bike while moving, sometimes (but not usually) fast. I apologize for the dubious quality of some.

You can read the full ride report here.

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Assault on Mt Mitchell Starting Line

Assault on Mt Mitchell Starting Line

The ride to Marion

The ride to Marion

Rest stop at Marion.

Rest stop at Marion. Tom Johnson Campground.

Marion Rest stop 2.

Marion Rest Stop again. They had delicious Coke.

Riding on 80

Riding on 80. Could see the mountains we would be climbing.

Highway 80 dam

Gorgeous dam at the early section of Highway 80.

Climbing on Highway 80

Climbing the switchbacks of Highway 80.

Blue Ridge Parkway sign

This sign meant the climbing was almost over.

Entrance to Blue Ridge Parkway

The entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway from Highway 80

Blue Ridge Parkway tunnel

Tunnel on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Climbing the Blue Ridge Parkway

Climbing the Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway view

Even with the overcast weather, the views from the Blue Ridge Parkway were gorgeous.

Licklog Ridge Overlook

Had climbed about 2/3 the Mitchell elevation by this point.

Mitchell overlook

This was the Mt Mitchell overlook from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Can't see much. I would be riding up that, into those clouds.

Mitchell state park sign

Almost to the state park entrance.

Mount Mitchell State Park

Turning into Mount Mitchell State Park

Mount Mitchell Road

Tough climbing up to the park.

Mitchell Facilities sign.

We would be riding to the summit, which meant we still had a ways to go.

Mitchell park entrance

Finally the real park entrance. You can see how wet it was.

Last big climb

Last big climb until the end.

Finish line

Me crossing the finish line. Triumphant!

Finish line from the side

Finish line from the side

Mitchell bike racks

Wet and rainy bike racks. Getting ready to transport them down the mountain.

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