Post-Holidays Training Update

Happy New Year to everyone! A few weeks ago I was in the midst of a strength program. That was a high rep and low weight program. Around the time of the holidays my plan was to transition to a higher weight, lower rep program while gradually getting more bike time. On top of that I hoped to lose another pound or two.

So that didn’t happen.

The weight room program was going great and I was noticing a gradual difference. That was starting to show on the bike as well. The transition was going to begin around Christmas and then after the New Year I would start with the new program. What I didn’t count on was that my gym would close during my normal workout hours in the week between Christmas and New Years. Instead I snuck in a ride and spent a little time on the trainer. At least with that, I wouldn’t lose fitness. Now that the New Year has come and gone, I still haven’t been inside the gym for a number of reasons.

So the transition is still on hold and with a lot around the corner, might not continue, at least not the way I had hoped. Weight training will continue to a certain degree throughout the season, but the focus will probably be on maintenance with minimal gains.

And you know what? That is absolutely fine. The good thing is I am well beyond where I was last year. I’m actually in pretty good riding shape and now need to switch my focus to getting as many base miles as the weather and my schedule allow. At this rate, I’ll be stronger come spring.

Now the diet is another story. Rather than lose weight, I gained a little bit. I have since already trimmed some of that and hopefully that will continue as the training progresses.

This weekend I will be putting that training to the test yet again with some ‘insanely steep climbs,’ as the ride leader calls them. More on that later.

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