pinnacle neil turner

Neil Turner makes his way up

2 responses to “pinnacle neil turner

  • Mark Schmerling

    The best thing about that climb is that after the summit, the road is dirt and not too easy for many motor vehicles. How does that help? You probably know that hardly anyone drives even on that paved climb, making it safer to do what Neil appears to be doing– making small switchbacks to ease the grade.

    Only by a) having a triple crank hybrid bike, b) keeping my nose on the wheel, and c) making those small switchbacks, did I make it up without stopping, back in late June/early July, 2014. Yes, the grade eases just a bit near the summit, but by the time one arrives there, they’ve earned it!


    Good job!

    • aaronwest

      This was posted in January of 2012, which is the last time I’ve been up there. I don’t remember the dirt section, so it’s possibly new or my memory is failing. Both are equally possible. 🙂

      I imagine a triple helps a great deal, but this one is a painful climb. Neil made it look easy, but he assured me later that appearances can be deceiving.

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