cruz bikes meet cervelo

Cruz Bikes slumming it with a Cervelo.

3 responses to “cruz bikes meet cervelo

  • andrewbaloga

    Ah yes…the Cruzbike Vendetta. Talk about a sweet bike! Got to love the MBB experience on a world-record setting machine. I had the opportunity to ride the Cruzbike Silvio, but not the Vendetta…yet. I’m just curious if by any chance this pair of Vendettas belong to the Parkers? Check out Maria Parker’s AMAZING results here:

    • aaronwest

      Hey Andrew. Yes, the Parkers were with us on Table Rock weekend, when I was trying to finish that climbing challenge (which I barely did, and it almost killed me). Jim rode up Caesar’s Head with us. It was surprising and somewhat humbling to see him climb. I got up the mountain faster, but not by much, and he embarrassed us on the rollers. Maria is an amazing rider from what I hear, but I did not get to ride with her.

  • andrewbaloga

    Oh yeah…sweet Cervelo too. (But you already knew that.)

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