The Column

As of earlier this week, I began writing a monthly (or thereabouts) column over at Carolina Cycling News. The topic is, not surprisingly, mountain centuries.

A couple people have asked me why I chose CCN, or more specifically, why not here?

Good question. These entries are, if I can coin a phrase, a lot ‘bloggier’ than what I’ll be writing at CCN. My intent there is to give an honest shot at some focused journalism. This gives me a good outlet. It doesn’t hurt that I respect CCN as a website, and it may end up giving me a little bit of exposure. There were a lot of factors in the decision.

That doesn’t mean I’ll neglect this site. Far from it. Very little will change, and I have some plans to revamp the Climbs section over the off-season. I’ll probably integrate my columns into this site to a certain degree, possibly with an index of all of them. That’ll probably come after I’ve published a couple more.

My first article is Centuries of the High Country. It compares and contrasts the rides in the surrounding Boone area, specifically Blue Ridge Brutal, Blood Sweat & Gears, and Bridge to Bridge.

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