Giving Something Back

Today, for the first time, I accepted advertising. Don’t worry. I’m not selling out. It all went to charity, and there’s more where that came from.

The advertisers are linked below. They are UK-based retailers for outdoor equipment:

Cotswold Outdoor
Springfield Camping

There will be more coming soon from some mountain events, and possibly a couple bike shops.

This is a first for SteepClimbs. I had previously received overtures from companies wanting to promote themselves on the website. No thanks, I said. The site is not for sale.

Let me backtrack ..

Independence Pass triumphant!

Independence Pass

Last summer when I was riding up Independence Pass in Colorado, I had an experience of sorts. You could call it an epiphany, a revelation, a realization, or whatever. It was on that ride that I determined my life’s goal to give something back.

To get from where I started years ago as an overweight lump, wasting away on the couch, to someone who rides up 12,000 or 14,000 feet mountains for the pleasure, was inspiring. I wanted to make it my mission to inspire others, and to use my resources as a way of helping others.

This website didn’t start as a commercial venture. I never intended, nor even hoped, to make a dime off it. Frankly, I have a good career, live within my means, and am not looking for an extra source of income. This is just an extension of my passion, my hobby. The fact that people find this thing interesting is an added bonus.

After just recently passing the 100,000 mark, I heard from a few different parties. This time I was more willing to listen, not because I’m looking to make some money, but because this was a way I could give something back.

Since that Independence Pass ride, I’ve been searching for a charity partner that I could work with. At first I struck out, but the search slowly continued.

I settled on the American Diabetes Association for a number of reasons. First and foremost, diabetes is the cause that I feel most aligns with my interests. My goal is to inspire people to be healthy, active, and to reduce their risk. Many of my friends and family have suffered from diabetes. It is a lethal disease, but in many cases, it can be fought.

TDC sidebar

Second, the ADA has annual Tour de Cure events throughout the country. Not only do these benefit diabetes, but they also encourage the local cycling community. The local Tour de Cure is one of the most popular rides in our city.

Here’s how the program will work. All donations will be considered advertising, and will be funneled through the event. You can follow my fundraising progress at the new Tour de Cure section of the website, or donate directly through the Tour de Cure site.

Anyone who donates any amount will get their name and a link of their choice in that section (if they want). The higher the donation amount, the higher the placement on the list.

Anyone who donates $50 or above will get a prominent graphic link on the sidebar of every page of this site. That means that donating a small amount to charity means you are advertising on this website, potentially reaching thousands of cyclists. Again, the more that is donated, the higher the positioning of the link.

The donation links in the Tour de Cure section will remain archived forever. The links on the sidebar will stay on the website until the Tour de Cure on May 4th, 2013. After that, I will restart the fundraising effort for another event to be announced.

A lot of websites and blogs will ask for support through Paypal, clicking on Amazon links, or visiting sponsors. For many, that’s just because they want to generate income. I’m asking you to support my website by helping out others and donating to a great cause. If you appreciate what I do, I ask you to follow my example and give something back.

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