Green Light to Ride ..

After ditching my cane just a couple weeks ago, and expecting surgery a week ago, the last thing I expected was some positive news. To my surprise, over the last two weeks I have improved significantly. I attributed a lot of it to anti-inflammatories, which I was allowed to take with the stress fracture out of the picture.

Today was the big doctor’s appointment that would determine my spring. Since I knew there was still some junk in my hip, and with some continued popping and clicking, I still expected to need surgery soon.

To my surprise, my doctor (or PA, as the doc was out of the country) was encouraged. He even gave me the green light to do some riding, and suggested I work in some swimming while I’m at it.

I can begin immediately, or at least once the weather cooperates. There’s a good chance that’ll be this weekend.

What a relief! I cannot express how much I have missed doing what I love!

I’ve lost a lot of fitness over the last few months, and gained a little weight, so I’m going to begin by going easy. Daylight saving’s time is just around the corner, which makes this the perfect time, but I’m still going to be careful. I’ll jump into the group rides, but will stick with the B, or maybe even the C groups. I’ll try not to ride more than 2-3 times a week, and very gradually work myself back into shape.

Not Out of the Woods Yet

The doc said that the fact that I cycle makes it easier for me to resume training. If I was a runner, I would still need more time. Just because I can ride, however, does not mean everything is as it was.

There are some lingering issues in my labrum. It looks like there is no tear, but MRIs are not exact. There could be something there that wasn’t picked up. He said that he would not be surprised if a scope was necessary a few months down the road. Since France 2014 is still in the distant future, I’d rather get the diagnostics out of the way during this season rather than delay the next one. He expects that we’ll have some idea around May whether this will slow me down any further.

Even though the hip has improved, it still has some soreness. He suggested I play everything by ear and report anything out of the ordinary. I’ll see the doctor again in a month.

I tried to ask some good questions. I want to train, but I also want to be sure this doesn’t come back. What could have caused this? Stress fractures usually are caused by overuse, repetitive motion that wears down the bone. Some good friends that I trust and respect have warned me that this could have originated with poor form or by expecting too much of my body.

The PA, in his 15 years in sports medicine, had not seen an injury like this with a cyclist. We’re talking a LOT of patients here. We revisited Bridge to Bridge, where I theorized that this first took place, and it is still the likely scenario. He was familiar with Grandfather Mountain, and could see how the intense pressure required to climb the hill could do this type of damage. It is a freak injury, but one that is possible.

Phew. I still can’t believe it.

Let’s ride ………

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