A Hopeful New Schedule

Lake Logan

Now that I am healing and have a good chance at participating in some summer and fall rides, I have given a look to my schedule. To my surprise, I had a lot of events that I will almost certainly have to skip. Assault on the Carolinas is already full, and frankly, I doubt I’ll be ready. The Assault on Mount Mitchell has already been put on the back-burner, although Marion is still a possibility.

In late April I will be participating in a Brevard weekend with a large group of friends and fellow climbing enthusiasts. We will be saying in a rented mountain house, eating a lot of food, and hopefully doing a lot of riding. While the temptation will be to ride the highest and furthest, realistically I am going to be looking more towards the smaller climbs and shorter routes. When I climb, I will climb easily, and probably make my friends wait for me at the top. Thanks in advance, guys!

My new goal for the spring is underwhelming compared to last year. This year I hope to complete my first century ride of the year by May 4th. That is the Tour de Cure, for which I have already begun fundraising with some sponsors (see the right sidebar).

Not to belabor the fundraising, but I hope that you will support me in this endeavor. Even a small donation towards a great cause will help motivate me towards this goal.


If I am able to complete this century without issue, then I can possibly set my sights a little higher in the late summer and fall.

For the summer, I would like to participate in 3 Mountain Madness (Winston-Salem), Cherohala Challenge (NC, TN), and Roan Moan (NC and TN border).

EDIT: 3 Mountain Madness 2013 has been canceled.

The fall season is where it gets murky. There are so many amazing rides to choose from. I’m going to pass on some of the bigger rides, and again shoot for some that are new to me. I’d like to try my hand at The Ascent (Boone), and maybe make a weekend of it where I can check out other climbs in the area. Beech Mountain is still calling out my name. Tour de Gaps and Hilly Hellacious are also on my radar (depending on dates), and I think I’ll make my grand return to Blue Ridge Breakaway this year, which is one of my favorite rides thus far.

Finally, this seems like a good year to participate in the Freewheeler’s Beach Ride this year. I guess this means I’ll be buying a new saddle.

All of this is merely wishing as of now. There’s still as good a chance that I’ll suffer a setback and need surgery, casting my plans further into doubt. If so, I’m going to take care of it earlier rather than later. My eyes are still on the grand prize, Haute Route 2014. I have to make sure my body is ready for the intense training necessary to complete one of the toughest cycling events in the world.

8 responses to “A Hopeful New Schedule

  • Missy

    Tour de Gaps is the hardest 80 miles I’ve ever ridden, but if your body gives you the green light, I think you’d love it – in that way that makes us just a little crazy for what we love. 🙂

    • aaronwest

      Yeah, Tour de Gaps is pretty much what I’ll be working towards. You may have noticed that I kept a lot of the tougher rides off the list. I guess since 3MM is cancelled, Cherohala will be my first real climbing ride, but I hear the grades are not that steep.

  • Tom

    Alright! Time to gear up and roll out!

  • stickyjumper

    You’re welcome to do Marion with me and my brother. We could work together to try to finish is fast.

    • aaronwest

      Hey Matt, thanks for the offer. Would definitely like to see you guys, but riding together might depend on how my fitness goes over the next couple months. Wouldn’t want to slow you down.

  • Cherry

    I sure hope no setbacks will set you back. There’s nothing more frustrating than battling something outside your control. I thought the Haute Route was part of your 2013 plans. I was looking fwd to your account of it. Geez, I got to wait another year!! I ended up watching the entire 2012 Haute route documentary a few days ago from your previous post – so spectacular. Gosh, those riders are so motivating!

    • aaronwest

      Hey Cherry, love that video. Unfortunately the injury bug got in the way, but there is no backing out of the 2014 HR. I have a long time to think about it and get back in shape.

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