Guest Appearances

Thanks to the injury, I’ve had a lot of free time over the last several months. As much as I enjoy sitting around and watching TV, I’ve needed another outlet for my pent up creative juices. Rather than write too much on my own blog (which I try to cap at 2-3 posts per week), I’ve exercised my writing chops by publishing elsewhere. Here are some of those posts:

A Climber’s First Organized Ride – Bike Noob
The Noob has long been one of my favorite blogs. Although most of my noobishness is long gone, there is always plenty to learn. This tongue-in-cheek story of my first ride seemed a good fit for his audience, and I worked in a couple climbing tips as a bonus.

Aaron West is Loving the Hills – Loving the Bike
Loving the Bike is the first cycling blog I started reading regularly, which was years ago. He publishes a good mixture of information, entertainment, and inspiration. I hoped my passion for hills would encompass all three of these qualities.

Most of my writing activities have been at the Mitchell blog, where I have also been serving as editor over the last couple of months. There have been some cross-posts, but since a lot of these topics are regional and have already been covered here, I haven’t felt the need to redundantly publish everything here.

The post of which I am the proudest is The Ride. This post sets the stage for The Assault on Mount Mitchell, which I still feel is the toughest road ride in the southeast. There is a certain aura to the morning of the ride that I haven’t really felt elsewhere. My aim with this post was to capture it. In case words don’t do the trick, there is also a video of the starting line.

While at the Mitchell blog, I’ve also talked about worthwhile organized rides that will help prepare for the main event, and training rides and climbs in the area.

Now that I’m back on the bike and will soon be ramping up the mileage, these guests posts and (much of) the TV watching will come to an end.

3 responses to “Guest Appearances

  • Tom

    Aaron, instead of this, why not give some information that would be good for cyclists? Like how your injury might have been prevented. Or how about ways to strengthen one’s joints? There are ways. It certainly is not about more mileage. Do you have any treatment plan? Work with us. Just doing what you did before will put you in the same place. I speak up about this because I would love to be riding with you again. I did it here because I sure you have followers that have similar conditions.

    • aaronwest

      Hey Tom, my next doctor appointment is this coming Wednesday, so I cannot give you much until then. I have been adding short rides in the meantime. I have been feeling better and should be able to increase mileage very soon. We’ll ride very soon.

  • Tom

    Aaron, I’m sorry. I should have never posted that. I just hope you will forgive me. I love your mindset! Stay strong, stay positive, sorry I became negative.

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