Summer Weekend Wars

sun in the clouds

I love the summer. Not only does it give more opportunities to ride, but also more excuses to escape the heat. That means heading to the mountains as much as possible.

Knowing that my injury would linger into the summer, and not needing to train for anything, I booked some weekday obligations for the summer. These are going to either slow down or eliminate my weekday riding completely.

The weekend is a different story. Those are all mine. Now is my time. I can get outside, ride leisurely and enjoy myself.

Since the weekends will be free, I’ll be doing cookie rides most weekends, but without planning too far ahead or registering far in advance. This allows for flexibility with events and weather.

Here is my tentative schedule for the remainder of the summer:

6/15 – Jackson Brevet, Braselton, GA. I hear this is a huge, enjoyable century ride with possibly 1,500 riders. I’m already registered for the century.

6/23 – Bee Buzzin’ Bike Tour, Greenwood, SC. I hear this one is fun and fast, on quiet country roads. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

7/4 – Las Vegas, NV. Vegas, baby! I’ll actually be here a few days, but with family, so I’m not sure how much riding I’ll get in, if any.

7/13 – Fit Recovery, Lake Burton, GA. This is not an organized ride. I’m meeting this blogger friend in the Blue Ridge to show him what climbing is really like. 🙂

7/27 – Roan Moan, Bakersville, NC. This one has been on my list for the past two years, but I have not been able to attend. I will finally make it this year.

8/17 – Blue Ridge Breakaway, Lake Junalaska, NC. This was my 2011 Ride of the Year, and if I thought about it, maybe my favorite ride of all time. I’ll be counting the days until this one.

8/24 – Flight of the Dove, Clinton, SC. This is another one that has been on my list the last couple years, but there were date conflicts with other events. I hear this is a fast and well supported metric.

Aside from Blue Ridge Breakaway, these are all brand new events for me. Can’t wait!

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