The Length of the Blue Ridge Parkway, October 2013

Blue Ridge Parkway sign

Now that my fitness has been improving, and the France cancellation gave me some free time in the fall, I’ve been looking for a big goal. Having some sort of event on the horizon helps motivate me to stay in shape and keep training. Mitchell had that effect earlier in the year, but during the summer months I tend to languish. I need that dangling carrot to keep myself going.

I found my carrot, and boy, it is a big one!

In October, we’ll be riding the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway, north to south. We’ll start near Charlottesville and Rockfish Gap. We’ll ride the entire mileage of the parkway, including a side trip to the top of Mount Mitchell, in 6 days.

This is a camp that’s being put on through Kinetic Potential Coaching. Not only will this be a tremendous challenge, but it will also be a valuable learning tool. As I write this, Coach Bobby just won a stage at the Cascade Cycling Classic challenge. He also swept the Pisgah Omnium a couple weeks ago. He’s a beast, a great coach, and I’m lucky to have him.

We’ll be staying in comfort at Bed & Breakfast Inns along the way. Bobby will have a couple support vehicles, and will be bringing along a chef to fuel our ride. It sounds expensive, but it’s actually quite reasonable for a trip of this magnitude – far less than what I’ve seen private touring companies charge.

There are still 3 spots open, but a lot of people are on the fence. If you’re interested, send me a note and I’ll get you in touch with the organizers. This should go without saying, but you will need some decent fitness to accomplish this task.

This will be a grand total of 484 miles and 58,000 feet of climbing. For those who have been following my injury progress this year, it might sound like a lot. Frankly, it is, but I’ve recovered to the point that I can actively train for such an endeavor. We expect the healing to continue over the next few months. Most importantly, this will be tremendous training for next year’s Haute Route, which is still on the calendar.

I’ll leave you with a couple Parkway pictures I’ve collected over the years. There will be more of these coming in a few months.

The Blue Ridge Parkway was gorgeous today. One of the three tunnels on the parkway.
Blue Ridge Parkway


Blue Ridge Parkway, Grandfather Mountain Foothills view from the Blue Ridge Parkway. The first mini-climb of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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