Climbs Project Completed (for now)

Independence Pass conquered!

There’s nothing like a nasty, lingering cold to help finish long-term projects. Since last year, I’ve been working on revamping the Climbs section to something a little more detailed and pleasing to read. I’m pleased and relieved to say that this project is done as of today. From now on, it’ll be a work in progress as I continue to explore this lovely planet.

Here is what is new:

Boone Climbs: Thanks to this past weekend’s Boone Gran Fondo, I was able to add many new climbs to the existing Boone list. It is now looking to be a pretty comprehensive list. There are a couple notable omissions, like Reynolds Parkway that will be climbed on this weekend’s The Ascent, but I’m unfortunately going to have to miss that one.

Colorado Climbs: There are all from last year’s trip. Most are up in elevation around Vail, Leadville, Breckenridge, with a couple near Denver, and of course, the highest paved road in the United States.

Georgia Climbs: At this point, these are mostly the gaps in the north Georgia mountains. There are some great climbing areas that I’ve had on my list to check out, such as Ellijay and Clayton, that I hope to one day visit. That said, the gaps are some of the best places to climb in the southeast, so I’m pleased with this list.

Tennessee Climbs: This is a fledgling page with a mere two climbs listed, one of which is the highest in the state. I have no plans yet this year to visit the state, but I have a couple rides in mind next year.

Virginia Climbs: This is another fledgling page, with only this past weekend’s foray into Grayson Highlands listed. I expect I’ll add a number of new climbs in a couple months when I ride the parkway.

4 responses to “Climbs Project Completed (for now)

  • Charles

    Here are some legendary TN climbs I’ve done as part of the Major Taylor Mtn. Summit over the years in eastern Tennessee near Townsend/Maryville, TN. 1. The Wall, 2. Butterfly Gap, 3. Tail of the Dragon, 4. Foothills Pkwy, 5. Happy Valley/Flats Rd, 6. Sweetie Pie. Check out Cycology Bicycles in Maryville, TN. Great shop, great people! Ask for Eddie or Greg.

    You have a nice site! Enjoyed the write up on the, Boone Gran Fondo, planning to do it next year or 2015. Keep climbing and writing!

  • BmwccPrez

    I forgot, Cherohala Skyway starting from Tellico, TN to Santellah in NC, the highest point on the skyway about 1 mile high.

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