Hip Test Fail

Tour d’Apple was a test. The cortisone shot was last Thursday, and the doctor said that it could possibly wipe out the entire injury. I might feel completely normal. The first few days were sore. I attributed that feeling to the shot, but I was still a little worried heading into Monday. As I started the ride, the soreness stayed with me until I warmed up, and then it was gone for the remainder of the 103 miles.

The soreness came back the next day. At first it was a creeping pain, and then it became worse. My hip started clicking, locking, and when I move it from side to side in a certain motion, it would make a crunching sound.

Now, a few days later, and the pain feels like it did a few months ago when I was first recovering from the stress fracture. It could go away once I rest, but this is not a good sign for the diagnosis. If symptoms persisted after the shot, then the doctor alluded that it was probably a skeletal issue – probably that impingement interacting with the torn labrum.

So what’s next? For starters, I won’t be riding Tour de Round O this weekend. Beyond that is up in the air until I either feel better or get some answers at my next doctor appointment, a week from Monday. My hope is that I can still ride the Parkway, and I think I have the fitness for it, but I’m going to first make sure that it won’t do further damage.

My guess is that the path is getting closer to surgery, even if the doctors haven’t talked about concrete plans yet. Honestly, after a year of dealing with this mess, I’m ready to get it behind me. If that means surgery, then bring it on.

On a lighter note, here are some pictures of me on this past Monday’s ride taken by others. I think they came out well. So many of my pictures are taken from the bike, that I hadn’t realized how few selfies there are on this blog.

It may not be the news I wanted, but at least I’ve been able to have some good times despite being injured. There’ll be more to come.

A rare descending photo. Thanks to Bullman Photo.

A rare descending photo. Thanks to Bullman Photo.

All smiles in front of the apple orchard. Thanks Berry Mobley.

All smiles in front of the apple orchard. Thanks Berry Mobley.

10 responses to “Hip Test Fail

  • doug

    Again, try Inflamaction – Planetary Herbals. If that and/or cortisone do not fix it surgery or quitting looks like your only choices left. Also, if practical, you might want to try icing it …assuming it is inflamation. Stay off the bike for a week and see what happens. Repeat, stay off the bike for a week and see what happens. And assuming it feels better only spin on rollers or a trainer easy for a week.

    • aaronwest

      I had some down time from the bike when I was sick and did get some relief. Rest and ice definitely helps. I’ll should still be able to ride in September, but may have to back off from the aggressive schedule and make time for recovery.

      • doug

        Aaron, two more thing for you to consider…chiropractic adjustment. I talked to mine today and he said that you could have a mis-aligned pelvis causing the impingement. If so he said he has found that he gets results from all his adjustments within three visits so you might want to consider finding a local one familiar with sports injuries and trying that. Sure beats surgery if it works. Also, an inversion table might be helpful (where you lay upside down) and use your body weight to pull you back into alignment. I’ve got “Teeter Hang Up” you could use for awhile but I’m in Shelby, NC and if I recall you’re in Columbia, about a three hour drive.

      • aaronwest

        Thanks again, Doug. A number of friends have recommended a chiropractor, and I may have considered in the early stages of the injury. It is probably a little late now. After riding today, I can tell this is serious and surgery is probably unavoidable.

  • Gerry

    Good luck with this, Aaron. I know all about persistent joint problems. There’s a solution out there waiting for you, I’m sure!

  • suzecycling

    Best of luck in getting this figured out and taken care of … it has been a long time now. BTW, the photos are super

  • John K

    Good Luck Aaron, As someone who has been there I can tell you that if you need the surgery the fear of it is far worse than the surgery itself and the sooner you have it, again if necessary, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery. When I had mine I asked myself, as others have as well, why I delayed so long to have it when it made such a big improvement in the quality of my life. Hang in there, the light at the end of the tunnel is not a freight train coming at you.

    • aaronwest

      Good advice, John. I have done some reading on the internet and seen horror stories of these types of surgeries, but I think people are more prone to talk about bad experiences. I have a lot of confidence in my new doctor, and am not really scared of surgery. The tough part is convincing them that I need it. I’m pretty sure by this point, but with a hip, they want a definite diagnosis.

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