Another Milestone: 200K + 500

200k traffic

Just in time for some good news, this website recently achieved a couple of milestones that are, frankly, baffling. Just last week, we went over the 200,000 pageview mark. What’s particularly surprising is that the last hundred thousand have been in 2013. The last milestone post was back in January. At the rate this has gone, the next hundred could come early next year.

The Facebook page also reached a milestone with over 500 likes. As of this writing, we’re at 547 likes, which seems to grow very slowly and steadily. Probably 100 of those are my friends who I have personally invited, but all of the others have been from readers or social media surfers. Oddly enough, the website has more friends than I do.

I’ve taken to the Facebook page. It is far more of a community than the blog will ever be, with more interaction and comments on every post. There are some little things I can post there that I would not here, like quick pictures, links, etc. There have even been a couple interesting, lengthier discussions which really cannot happen with the blog.

Part of this milestone is bittersweet, because a good chunk of the traffic came as a result of Ed Hudson’s passing. His tribute post has exceeded 7,000 views, many of which came from internet social media like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and elsewhere. The day I published that post was also the highest traffic day of all-time.

While a lot of people comment on the articles, a lot more of you seem to quietly read and follow. It seems that on just about every ride, at least one person and often more will recognize me and introduce themselves. That’s a weird feeling because they know a lot about me, and I know virtually nothing about them. Usually I try to fly under the radar, but I’ve found that I enjoy interacting with you all in person, and I always appreciate the nice comments. I’ve managed to meet some tremendous people on this journey, and I’m sure there are plenty to come.

Last year a lot of the traffic came from ride posts, many linked directly from the organizer’s websites. That has been true again this year, but it seems like there has been just as much traffic visiting the other content sections. The Climbs sections have been especially popular ever since I mixed up the format and split them up regionally. Over the last several years, I’ve managed to develop a nice database of places in the southeast to ride. While it is not a definitive list, it is probably the most comprehensive southeast guide that I’m aware of.

North Carolina continues to be the most popular climbing area. In order, Asheville, Tryon/Saluda, Boone and Brevard are the most popular areas. Colorado is the next most popular, followed by Greenville and Columbia in South Carolina. The remainder do not get as much traction, but that is mostly because I haven’t ridden enough to develop them up. One day.

The most popular 20 posts so far this year (not including Dr. Hudson):

1. North Carolina Climbs
2. Assault on the Carolinas, 2013
3. South Carolina Climbs
4. Assault on Mount Mitchell, 2013
5. Asheville Climbs
6. Tryon/Saluda Climbs
7. Rides, Alphabetically
8. Rides, Chronologically
9. Boone Climbs
10. Copper Triange, 2012
11. Haleakala, Hawaii, Cycle to the Sun
12. Brasstown Bald, Hogpen & More
13. Clingman’s Dome
14. Brevard Climbs
15. 2013 Schedule
16. North Greenville Mountain Routes
17. All In for Hincapie
18. Colorado Climbs
19. Boone Gran Fondo, 2013
20. Haute Route: The Stage is Set

Thanks for reading, commenting, and inspiring me.

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