The Mystery Continues …

Today was the next doctor’s appointment, this time to check for a hernia. Dr. Guy thought this was a possibility, and it made sense to my general practitioner. I was pretty much convinced before I walked into the appointment. After doing a little bit of turning and coughing, the surgeon quickly concluded that I have no hernia. On the contrary, that part of my body is in pretty good shape.

Before this year, I would have never thought that learning I don’t have a hernia would be considered bad news, but today that’s what it was. I knew that with a hernia I’d have a short recovery time, and could be back within a few short weeks. The alternatives are pretty much all worse. Now that we’re back to the drawing board, it is a little disappointing.

The process of elimination continues, but there have been some telling signs. This past Monday and Tuesday, we had some unseasonably cold temperatures. The hip hurt a great deal on these days, seemingly out of nowhere. The same was the case before the Hincapie ride when temperatures were freezing. There’s also a lot of clicking and popping, especially when it’s cold or after activity.

The doctors have thrown out many possibilities. We’ve pretty much been throwing a dart at each one, and seeing if it hits before moving onto the next.

One thing that has been mentioned that I haven’t seriously considered before now is osteoarthritis. I’m simply too young. It just doesn’t make sense. Now, in my unscientific opinion, it is making a lot of sense. Symptoms like the clicking and popping, the cold weather pain, and others fit like a glove, and there have been a lot of bone issues throughout this whole ordeal. If that’s the case, then depending on the severity, it could lead to an eventual hip replacement.

A hip replacement would have been unthinkable a year ago. I can barely wrap my mind around it now. It does happen to younger people. The most notable cycling example is Floyd Landis, who recovered from it and rode again. There have been other examples. The recovery time is not that lengthy, and cycling is supposedly good for it. While it is certainly not ideal, it would not be the end of the world.

My follow-up sports-med appointment is next week, where I’ll ask about arthritis. It is possible he’ll decide to just scope the hip and figure it out that way. I’d be okay with that too if it provides answers.

In the meantime, I’m still off the bike, but doing okay from a fitness standpoint. I’m getting my exercise through push-ups and have not gained any weight. I’ll take that while we figure this mess out.

8 responses to “The Mystery Continues …

  • Andrew

    The osteoarthritis possibilty makes sense. When the weather gets cold, my hips protest with a pain that starts at the coccyx and runs through my ankles. It’s a pain so severe that getting sleep-staying asleep-is impossible. It also hurts so much that my concentration is affected. It sounds very similar to arthritis to me.

    Good luck finding the right DX.

    • aaronwest

      It does make sense. I’ve been doing some internet research. That’s something I usually wouldn’t advise, but after a year of trying to find a diagnosis, I’ll look anywhere for answers. Anyway, I found that there’s such a thing as post-traumatic arthritis that develops after major injuries. Sounds like that could be possible from the earlier injuries.

      Yes, I identify with the pain that you describe, but it comes and goes. Some days are better than others. Thanks.

  • doug

    With advanced osteoarthritis you would possibly have a leg length discrepancy (i.e. the one hurting would be shorter due to wear on the joint). I find it hard to believe that you are into this injury over a year now and still do not know what is wrong. That is a problem in an of itself. An experienced chiropractor, preferably in the sports area, should be able to help you if you have a pelvis alignment problem which could be causing the CONTINUAL aggravation/inflammation of the hip area. They could also tell if you have a leg length discrepancy as could an experienced bike fitter. Hope this helps!

    • aaronwest

      Doug, I’ve had numerous doctors check me out and bike fits, and I think my leg length and alignments are fine. It’s just a severe injury, one that is probably a bit much for a chiropractor to treat, but I appreciate your input.

  • Gerry

    You’re definitely not too young for osteoarthritis, Aaron, because I have had it for some years now in the knee. I’ve found a way to manage it so far, so hopefully you can do the same. Hyaluronic acid injections were the beginning of the ‘cure’ for me, but I’ve got no idea what they would do for you. Best of luck. Keep plugging at it and you’ll find what’s going to work for you.

    • aaronwest

      I thought of your injury when I first heard the term osteoarthritis. It is reassuring knowing of your success dealing with it. Hopefully if that’s what this, that we can find a treatment that works.

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