History Repeats Itself

“It’s like déjà vu all over again.” – Yogi Berra

We now have more answers, and soon I think we’ll be planning our attack.

It is hard to believe for me, but the culprit is another sort of stress fracture in the same area. Technically they are calling it a “stress reaction,” but since the re-injury was at its worst four months ago, my guess is that it was fractured and is now healing. Apparently my new MRI is very similar to the MRI from last year when the first diagnosis was made.

It seems unfathomable that I was yet again riding on a stress fracture without my knowledge, but in hindsight, it makes sense. I even mentioned to one of my orthopaedic doctors a few months ago that it felt like a fracture. For whatever reason he didn’t listen to me or pursue. Don’t get me started on doctors.

The pain has been rough, and now I understand why. The doctors never told me to stop riding. I did it on my own accord just to get some relief. The hip always hurts and the pain sometimes radiates, but if I rode, it would make my entire leg painful and sore for days, sometimes weeks. Again, now I understand why.

The underlying cause is still unknown, but there clearly is something down there, most likely related to the bone in my hip joint. There’s a literal laundry list of possible diagnoses, but we won’t really know until a surgeon gets in there and looks. MRIs can only tell a part of the story with hips.

The next step is undoubtedly surgery. I am tentatively scheduled on January 31st, although that could change.

Recovery time will depend on what they find and what they repair. I had previously been told that just scoping the hip would have a short recovery, but since they’ll likely have to do more, it’ll be longer and there’ll be a period with no weight bearing. It seems like 4-6 weeks is standard, but it could be longer. The bikes will be waiting awhile, I’m afraid, and that’s fine. This is no longer about riding, and more about living.

I know that a lot of people who read this site do so because they like to armchair adventure. Others like to learn about new and interesting places to ride in the southeast. That is all going to have to wait for a little bit, but it will come again. Thanks for being patient.

The one thing that I really appreciate from this site is the overwhelming support I’ve received. All of the comments and emails have been encouraging and have kept me positive. I hope you’ll continue to be there for me during the long climb ahead.

18 responses to “History Repeats Itself

  • bgddyjim

    I’ll be here brother. Good luck my friend. You’re finding out the hard way why they call it “practicing” medicine.

  • Sandra

    I am so sorry to hear about this. 😦 At least you have answers, right? Now, heal quickly!

  • Zeke Yount

    I hope that you at least find some relief in having a clear direction for relief and recovery now. enjoy your vacation prior to the surgery!

  • secondratecyclist

    I can certainly empathize with you. I’ll say a prayer for you.

  • Matt Pantsari

    Aaron, best wishes to you in your path to recovery. That is a very interesting, and profound last two paragraphs. I have enjoyed your advice and wisdom in cycling for quite some time. From my first Mitchell experience, and highs and lows in between, you have been an encouragement to me (and to so many).

    It will be a pleasure for all of us, especially me, to stay in touch now not only for my benefit and pleasure, but to return the favor. Please continue to use the blog to exercise your writing gift, and to share news of your recovery and evolving story.

    Its your climb. However, we are now in a peloton together to provide as much support as possible. Even Froome had Richie Porte leading him up!

    In Christ,

    • aaronwest

      Matt, thanks for such a thoughtful comment. It has been a pleasure to share my passions, and I’m glad that you and others have found it useful. You’ve come quite a long way yourself. I have a feeling we’ll be in the same peloton again someday. Keep in touch.

  • Jim Brennan

    Aaron, I feel your pain. Slowing down, or stopping an active lifestyle is maddening when you are wired to move, as I know you are. I’m waiting out some sort of injury myself, after a slip and nosedive on ice. Not sure what I’ve done. Initially I thought it was a pulled groin, now I’m praying it’s not a tear. I’m registered for a 50K in January, my first ever. I haven’t given up hope, yet, but it’s not easy. You are a trooper, and I wish you good health in 2014, that will be the year you rebound. Good luck with your surgery. I’ll be pulling for you. Can’t wait until reading about more of your rides, back in the saddle. Stay well, my friend! Jim

    • aaronwest

      Thanks, Jim. I’m slow in catching up on comments and I believe that the 50k didn’t happen. I’ve had some events during this injury that I rode when I probably shouldn’t have and made things worse.

      Again,thanks for the support. Maybe during this downtime I can delve into your book.

  • Sheena

    I know this site is closed but I’m reading the WHOLE blog because of your experience with Osteoporosis and hip problems…it’s educating and invaluable.

    • aaronwest

      Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. Fortunately the ending is pretty good. I got a new hip four months ago and am recovering smoothly. Not quite riding yet, but I am getting active again. Who knows? I may dust this place off down the road.

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