All Systems Go

After a slight scare with the weather, my surgery appointment has been confirmed. In fact, it was moved up an hour, which is alright by me. In just a few hours, I’ll head to the hospital and get myself ready.

As I’ve mentioned recently, the rest has done me a little better. Over the last few days I worried that I was healing and this surgery was going to be unnecessary. Yesterday I felt so much better that I hardly even noticed the hip. Just to make sure, I busted out the mountain bike and took it out for a spin.

Despite the sub-40 degree temperature, it felt great riding around the melting snow. If I was going to ride a mile, this was the day to do it.

The hip did not bother me whatsoever on the ride. It actually felt pretty good. My heart, on the other hand, was going bonkers. I really have lost a ton of fitness. I arrived back home feeling alright, but winded.

As I cooled down, the hip started to get tight again. A slight burning soreness developed, just like what I’ve been dealing with for these many months. If I had kept riding a few more miles, I would have been right back where I was a few months ago — sitting on the couch on a lot of pain.

Something is still amiss down there, and I’m glad that I had the chance to re-confirm the need for surgery.

Rather than indulge in the steak dinner I’d been hoping for, we instead chose a plentiful but digestible meal of Mediterranean fare last night. A plateload of hummus, tabouli, feta and falafel filled me up for the evening, and will hopefully keep the nausea at bay later today. I also had a Clif bar just before bed.

The hope was that I would sleep in, and wake up just before surgery. Sleep happened without issue, thankfully, but sleeping in was not to be. I woke up the same time I normally do for work, which is early, well before the crack of dawn. I had a black cup of coffee, and that’ll be it until I leave the hospital.

I expected to be nervous, and maybe I will be as I get closer to the appointment, but this morning I’m pretty chill. I’m going to watch an old, quiet movie to pass some time, and then get going.

Here goes nothing.

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