One Week Down: Progress, Patience, and Positivity

long road ahead

The past week has been somewhat of a blur, especially those first few days.

After my procedure was completed, around the time I was drooling in the recovery room and saying good morning to all the nurses, the surgeon came out to talk to my wife. He explained to her what he did, showed her pictures detailing the torn labrum, and gave her an overview of the treatment plan. He finally said it was her job to keep me in check, to make sure I stay off the hip. She would have to be firm. “I know Aaron,” he told her, and he was right.

My recovery seems to be ahead of schedule, and my passion could get drive me to get back on the bike before I’m ready, but I am listening to my wife and my doctors. I could screw this up yet. As much as I yearn to be out there, I’m looking at the big picture, and staying still.

This has been quite the week. The first few days were mostly in a daze. I was blazed on heavy painkillers with various stomach and nausea problems. It took a few days to get past all those, and to find the right combination of medicine that would keep my stomach settled and my hip in the least amount of pain.

The pain has lessened every day. Today, a week after the procedure, and it is starting to feel less like pain and more like soreness and tightness. This slow progress should continue day after day. I expect that within a couple weeks, I may be able to walk without crutches. Perhaps a few weeks after that, I can get back on the bike.

This is something I don’t want to rush. I have made no immediate commitments, although I have given thought to some things down the road.

That’s where positivity comes in. The most important part of my recovery is that I have to keep a positive attitude. Even though I cannot ride a bike, I should do something else that I enjoy. That so far has been my passion for older french cinema, which has yielded an off-the-bike project that will occupy my rehab.

I also need to keep a positive outlook in regards to the future. Having spoken with my doctor’s office this week, I feel that I have good reason for such positivity. They are convinced that they found and fixed what has plagued me these years. Based on what I’m feeling, I think they are right. Even though there is soreness, it is different than before. Believe it or not, it is less painful now than before the operation, and the pain will lessen from here on out.

I am positive that I’ll be able to reach glorious heights again, and for now I have my sights set on the Blue Ridge Parkway later in 2014 and the Dolomites in 2015. I am not making any closer goals because I need to spend that time recuperating, and making sure I have a fitness and health base for my longer-term goals.

The Spring ride season is coming upon us, and I implore you to tear up the roads and have a great time. I’ll be with you soon.

3 responses to “One Week Down: Progress, Patience, and Positivity

  • doug

    If you don’t already have some, I’d suggest you get a set of rollers with a fork mount which would let you safely “spin” without much resistance before you get back on the road. It would be a wise precaution after all you’ve been through.

  • Jim Brennan

    Thinking long-term is wise. Better to ride healthy than not ride at all. My thoughts are with you for a strong and full recovery, Aaron.

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