Things I Learned Post Surgery

  • The majority of people are overly courteous to you when they see you on crutches. They will patiently wait for you, hold doors, some have even randomly offered pain relievers. They will get out of your way without being prompted, and apologize. Most people are alright.
  • Some people are not so cool. One person tried to cut in front of me in a supermarket line on me when I was clearly standing in pain. Fortunately the cashier called him out. Another tried to steal a handicapped space from me. She yelled at me when I got the space, but then said nothing when she walked past briskly as I crutched along.
  • Diets and surgery recovery do not always go together, especially if pain meds are involved. I have to forget about calories and force myself to eat, otherwise bad stomach things can and will happen.
  • The best food for me post-surgery was regular meat, potatoes, rice, garden-variety American food. Usually I am a diverse and adventurous eater, but even hummus has not been appealing.
  • It still helps to get up and “walk” around, even if that’s on crutches. I even learned some stretches that will give me relief after sitting for long periods of time.
  • Taking pain meds around the clock as prescribed was the best thing to do right after surgery. Those first few days were the toughest and almost seem like a dream to be now, but I do remember the alarm clock, taking those meds, and how they helped with my comfort.
  • It helps to have a flexible employer that recognizes that you will do what you can to get back to work. After the first week, I really wanted to get back to work.
  • On that note, doctors clear you for work and other activities when they think you’re ready, not when you think you’re ready. They know your recovery schedule better than you.
  • It really does get a little better every day. It might not always feel better depending on what goes on during the day. Improvement is still noticeable, especially in the mornings.
  • The small size of the surgery scars is amazing. The tools are so small that the incisions look more like vampire bites, and they heal quickly. 20 years ago and I would have probably had a several inch scar. They can do so much with so little now

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