Ride Mitchell For Me

mitchell summit

I’ve said many times on this blog that the Assault in Mount Mitchell is my favorite ride. Even though I’ve only ridden it three times, it is the one that I planned to ride every year for the rest of my life. There’s just something about the excitement and anticipation of the event, the fact that you travel from downtown Spartanburg to the highest point east of the Mississippi. It is the ultimate fitness goal, whether you are not competing against others or with yourself. Just achieving the summit is a major accomplishment, but setting a time goal, training throughout the winter and into the spring, and then beating that goal is something to continually strive for.

There will be no Mitchell for me this year. If I were on the bike with even a basic fitness level, I could possibly ramp up my training and get in adequate shape to complete the ride. That is what I did last year. Even though it is a disappointment to not ride, I know many other close friends who are giving it a shot. I hope to be able to attend as a spectator or volunteer and cheer them on.

In the last several years that I have been following the event, it has been a quick sellout. Last year was a little slower, and this year there are still several spots remaining. Since I cannot ride, I’m going to ask that I live through the experiences of my readers, many of whom I know will attempt Mitchell this year.

I’ll ask that people send a paragraph descripting their experience and I’ll post as many as I can after the ride. Please send me an email, or comment on here or Facebook if you’d like to be part of that.

There is a button to the right that will take you directly to the registration page.

Please know that this is NOT an advertisement for Mitchell. I still and never will accept advertising on this website. This is just my way of supporting my favorite ride.

Please register and see why I love it so much.

The Mitchell summit looked a lot different than the base.

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