Tour de Cure


Thank you for supporting this site via the American Diabetes Association and Tour de Cure.

You may donate here.

Anyone who donates any amount will get their name and a link of their choice in the Tour de Cure section, along with an eventual link within a ‘Thank you’ blog post (if they want). The higher the donation amount, the higher the placement on the list.

Anyone who donates $50 or above will get a prominent graphic link on the sidebar of every page of this site. That means that donating a small amount to charity means you are advertising on this website, potentially reaching thousands of cyclists. Again, the more that is donated, the higher the positioning of the link.

You can support by donating at this link.

Please leave the name and URL of the link you would like in the Personal Note when you process your donation. If you would like the image, please make sure to leave your email address.

Thank You!

Summit Cycles
Cotswold Outdoor
Springfield Camping
Bon Cyclist
The Ascent Hill Climb

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