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Switching Gears For Awhile

jeopardy studio

This blog is technically about cycling, but I tend to talk about what’s most interesting at any given moment. I don’t blog about every 20-mile ride around the neighborhood unless there’s something noteworthy about it. This blog is also about me, and as it turns out, the next several weeks in my recovery aren’t going to be particularly interesting. They’ll mostly consist of alternating short swims, bike rides, and therapeutic exercises.

What’s most interesting in my life has nothing to do with cycling, yet it’s going to take over my blog for the next few weeks. My wife is going to appear on Jeopardy two weeks from Monday. The entire experience took place a couple months ago, shortly after surgery, and I’ve mostly kept quiet about it. Mostly my silence is out of legal necessity. They let Andrea know that she could mention when she would appear on the show, but could not talk about the outcome or anything that happens until it airs.

As I write this, Julia Collins has just won her 20th game. When we were out in Los Angeles, Arthur Chu had a lengthy streak of his own. He wrote a enlightening article for the AV Club that talks about the entire process. A lot of the questions we get are answered there. I highly recommend you read it if you’re interested in anything Jeopardy. Between these two champs was the Battle of the Decades, where Brad Rutter defeated Ken Jennings and Roger Craig to win $1 million dollars.

Needless to say, this is an exciting year to be on Jeopardy.

I cannot say yet what happens over the next couple of weeks. It is possible that Julia’s streak continues, and that she was waiting for us as we arrived in the studio. Or perhaps there will be another champ waiting in the wings. Mums the word. The only thing I can safely say is that the next couple weeks will be exciting, as the entire year has been so far.

My next post will be about a trip to memory lane while we were out there. I’ll also talk about what it was like to watch my wife tape Jeopardy shortly after having surgery, trying to get around with a surgically broken hip and torn up cartilage. And finally, I’ll talk about the games, who we encountered, some of the behind the scenes action, and our emotions about the outcome, win or lose.

For the West family, this will be the most exciting couple weeks of our lives. Hopefully you’ll agree. The timing should work for a little blog detour, as I should be a lot healthier and ready for some adventures once this experience is over.