Colorado Climbs

Loveland Pass


Disclaimer: Climb AT YOUR OWN RISK! Many of these will be difficult, strenuous, with dangerous descents. Do your own research and make sure you are prepared for the terrain. You are responsible for yourself!

The table below has a description of the climb, Strava segment links, and website content links.

Climb Description Links
Arapahoe Basin From Keystone, a little beyond the halfway-point to the top of Loveland Pass. It is approximately 5 miles, but has a consistent 6% grade for most of the time. There are not too many curves on this climb, although that will change if you keep riding beyond the basin. Strava, Loveland Pass

Battle Mountain Pass

This climb is short and not too steep, about two miles and 4% grade, but very scenic. You climb along a cliff ledge, cross an alpine bridge, while overlooking a lush valley below. Strava, Copper Triangle
Copper Mountain This is an easy, scenic climb from Frisco, with light grades and a little bit of rolling. It can be done on a bike path from Main Street, Frisco.

Strava, Frisco to Copper Mountain and Vail Pass

Fremont Pass From Copper Mountain, this is a long climb of around 10 miles, with a few difficult sections of around 6%, where you gain a total of 1,500 feet in elevation. The smooth roads make this a pleasant climb. Strava, Copper Triangle
Hoosier Pass This is a decent climb from Breckenridge or Alma. It is roughly 4-miles with an average 5% grade. There are some rolling hills before-hand, so you could measure it from Breckenridge as nearly a 10-mile climb that gains about 1,700 feet. There are a handful of tight switchbacks, and a little bit of traffic to ride with. Strava, Breckenridge to Hoosier Pass
Independence Pass A lengthy, twisting climb. It starts out at an easy, gradual grade with some flat sections, and then becomes more twisty the closer you get to the top. The summit is gorgeous and it makes for a hair-raising descent. It can be climbed either from Aspen or Twin Lakes. Strava (from Twin Lakes), Independence Pass from Twin Lakes
Lookout Mountain This is a busy climb that begins right outside of Golden. Expect lots of traffic from road and mountain bikes. It is a scenic climb, with a view of Golden visible throughout much of the climb. It ends just beyond Buffalo Bill’s gravesite, after turning right on Colorow Rd. It is a steady climb, with around a 5-6% grade, with the occasional steeper section. Strava, Lookout Mountain
Loveland Pass This is a lengthy, 8+ mile climb from Keystone. The grade is consistently in the 5-6% range. The bottom portion up to Arapahoe Basin in relatively straight, while the upper section above the treeline has a number of tight curves. Watch out for hazardous chemical trucks that use the pass as a bypass to get to I-70. Strava, Loveland Pass from Keystone
Mount Evans The highest paved road in the USA makes for a challenging climb. It is rarely steep, averaging around 4-5% from Idaho Springs. What hurts is the elevation, as you end up above 14,000 feet at the summit. Despite the difficulty, it is one of the more scenic and rewarding climbs that I’ve ever done. The long 27-mile version starts in Idaho Spring, but many will climb the shorter 14-mile route from Echo Lake. Strava (from Idaho Springs), Strava (from Echo Lake), Mount Evans from Idaho Springs
Swan Mountain This is a short climb of around 300 feet that can be climbed on the road from Frisco or Breckenridge, or on the bike path from Dillon or Keystone. Strava, Loveland Pass from Keystone
Tennessee Pass This is an easy climb from Leadville. From there is is about 3-miles long and you gain just over 400 feet. I understand that it’s a lot more difficult coming the other way. Strava, Copper Triangle
Vail Pass, East This is a lengthy climb of 20 miles, depending on where you start. It passes by the Village of Vail and Lionshead Village, before it takes a bike path most of the way up. The last several miles are the toughest, which are on a recpath parallel to I-70. There are some sections with double digit grades. Strava (full), Strava (from Vail), Copper Triangle
Vail Pass, West This is the easier and shorter version of the climb. It is approximately 4-miles from Copper Mountain or 11-miles from Frisco at a moderate grade, all on a bike path that follows I-70. There are some steeper sections and some switchbacks as you get closer to the top of the pass, which ends at a rest area. Strava (from Frisco), Strava (from Copper Mountain), Frisco to Copper Mountain Vail Pass

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