Georgia Climbs

Hogpen Gap

Hogpen Gap


Disclaimer: Climb AT YOUR OWN RISK! Many of these will be difficult, strenuous, with dangerous descents. Do your own research and make sure you are prepared for the terrain. You are responsible for yourself!

Climb Description Links
Brasstown Bald Arguably the toughest climb in Georgia, and some would consider it among the toughest in the Southeast. It is 2.5 miles to the state parking lot, very steep with consistent grades in the teens, averaging above 10%. The toughest part, famously called "The Wall" is above 20%. The total climb is 3 miles to the Summit, but the park rangers usually do not let you ride the last half-mile to the very top. Strava, Brasstown Hogpen & More
Dick’s Hill This is more of a mound than a mountain. It is 4-miles in length, gains about 650 feet in elevation with three short bursts of 6% grades with flats in between. It is not too challenging because of the opportunity to rest between grades. Strava, Challenge of the Centuries Day Two
Hogpen Gap This one is often referred to as one of the tougher climbs in the Southeast, and rivals Brasstown for the toughest climb in Georgia. It is right at 7-miles and has an average grade of 5%, but there are some difficult sections with grades above 10% and a max grade of 12%. There are three flat sections, which gives you a break before the steep descent. Strava (from Hwy 75), Brasstown Hogpen & More, Six Gap Century
Jack’s Gap From the west side, this one starts with a kick near 9-10% grade, then levels off, then kicks again at around the same grade. In total it is 4-miles and gains just under 1,000 feet, and ends at the base of the Brasstown Bald Climb. Strava (West Side), Brasstown Hogpen & More, Six Gap Century
Neel’s Gap This is the first of the Six Gaps, and even though it is long, it is at a moderate grade, rarely above 8%, and averages under 5% with only one flat section of any length. It gains 1,500 feet, but is relatively easy for a 6+ mile climb. Strava, Six Gap Century
Unicoi Gap This is along Unicoi Hwy, 75. There can be traffic, but it has a lot of riding activity and there are often extra lanes on the climbs, On the North side this is a short, 2.5 mile climb that gains under 1,000 feet of elevation and ranges from 6-8%. The longer climb is from Helen, 8-miles at an easy grade that gains 1,500 feet of elevation. Strava (North Side), Brasstown Hogpen & More, Six Gap Century
Wolf Pen Gap This is a quiet and tranquil climb because is covered by a tree canopy just about the entire way up. The entirety of the climb is 3-miles and ranges from 6-8% consistent grade with a couple switchbacks. Strava, Six Gap Century
Woody Gap Heading up the north side, Woody is more of a bump than a climb. It gains 300+ feet in 1.5 miles at a 3-5% grade. It is more challenging from the south side, where it is 5+ miles and gains 1,500 feet. Strava (North Side), Six Gap Century

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