Asheville Climbs

Mount Pisgah


This section encompasses climbs around the greater Asheville area. This includes Lake Lure, Marion, Mars Hill, Hendersonville and many of the surrounding areas.

The table below has a description of the climb, Strava segment links, and website content links.

Disclaimer: Climb AT YOUR OWN RISK! Many of these will be difficult, strenuous, with dangerous descents. Do your own research and make sure you are prepared for the terrain. You are responsible for yourself!

Climb Description Links
Bill’s Hill Between Marion and Lake Lure. It is short, steep, and notorious for breaking up packs on the way to Mount Mitchell. Strava,
Assault on Mount Mitchell, Tour de Lure, Race to the Rock
Chimney Rock Just under a 3-mile climb that ranges from 6-8%. It is mostly under tree cover until the very top, which yields magnificent views of Lake Lure and the surrounding foothills. This climb is only open to bicycles
once a year.
Strava, Race
to the Rock
Devil’s Fork Gap A short and surprisingly steep climb that intercepts the Appalachian Trail. It starts out gradually enough, and has a back-breaking double digit grade at the mid-point. Strava, Hot Doggett
Doggett Gap A 4-mile climb with a consistent 7-9% grade. There are a handful of switchbacks, but mostly this is just a slow grind to the top. Strava, Hot Doggett
Highway 80 to Mitchell State Park A gradual climb at typical 6-8% Parkway grades. There is a short descent before the final climb to the State Park. Strava. Assault on Mount Mitchell
Highway 80 Climb Another 4-mile climb with several switchbacks and a consistent 7-9% grade. This is one of the tougher climbs on the AOMM course. Strava, Assault on Mount Mitchell
Mount Mitchell State Park The last climb to the top of Mount Mitchell ranges from moderate to challenging. There are a couple pitches at double digit grades, and some flat false summits. When you see parking spaces, the climb is done. Strava, Assault on Mount Mitchell
Mount Pisgah (Blue Ridge Parkway) A lengthy, moderate climb up to Mount Pisgah on the Parkway. Like most Parkway climbs, the grade is never terrible, but there are a couple short sections where it approaches double digits. It stops at the Pisgah Inn. You cannot cycle to the summit. Strava, Asheville Ride, Measuring the Blue Ridge
Sam’s Gap This is a longer climb that starts in Tennessee, a good ways north of Mars Hill. It is approximately 6-miles. The grade is never too steep, but it goes on awhile due to the length. It ends up right by Highway 26 at the North Carolina state line. Strava, Hot Doggett
Stone Mountain A 5-mile climb along Bat Cave Rd just a little bit north of Lake Lure. This one starts easily with a 1-3% grade. It gets a little tougher in the middle, around 5-8%, with some false flats. It is covered by trees most of the time and there is not a clear summit view. Strava, Tour de Lure
Town Mountain A challenging climb that begins from right outside downtown Asheville to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The lower portion is the toughest, with consistent double digit grades. The overall elevation profile makes it look easier than it is because of a false summit and more moderate grade as you get closer to the Parkway. Strava, Asheville Ride, Measuring the Blue Ridge

Map images: Seth Anthony / CC-BY-SA-3.0

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