Charlotte Climbs

Climbing Morrow Mountain.

Morrow Mountain.


This section encompasses climbs around the greater Charlotte area. This includes Albemarle, etc.

This page is in its infancy. If you would recommend a Charlotte climb, please either comment below or contact me.

The table below has a description of the climb, Strava segment links, and website content links.

Disclaimer: Climb AT YOUR OWN RISK! Many of these will be difficult, strenuous, with dangerous descents. Do your own research and make sure you are prepared for the terrain. You are responsible for yourself!

Climb Description Links

Chickens–t Hill

Take a guess where the name come from. If you climb when the wind blows a certain direction, you’ll know. This is more of a grunt hill than a climb. In total it is about 1/2 a mile and gains just over 100 feet, but there is a seriously steep section about midway through with double digit grades. Strava, Assault on Morrow Mountain

Morrow Mountain

There are two ways to climb, the easy or hard way. The hard way is by entering the state park and descending to the boat ramp. From there it is a 3.7 mile climb. It is less than a mile if you turn from the entrance. The long climb starts out easily with a low grade. There is a little bit of a pitch before making the turn to the upper portion, which is generally tougher. There is one very steep section about midway to the top, and one switchback. Strava (from bottom), Strava (from top), Assault on Morrow Mountain

Map images: Seth Anthony / CC-BY-SA-3.0

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