The 50 State Project

In case you haven’t noticed, I like Bucket Lists. One day, probably a long time from now, I would like to climb the 50 highest paved roads in each state. Below is a listing, which I was able to compile thanks to the County Highpointer’s Association.

Disclaimer: Climb AT YOUR OWN RISK! Many of these will be difficult, strenuous, with dangerous descents. Do your own research and make sure you are prepared for the terrain. You are responsible for yourself!

State Climb Status
Alabama Cheaha Mountain
Alaska Eureka Summit
Arizona Arizona Snow Bowl
Arkansas Polk County, Skyline Drive
California Rock Creek Road
Colorado Mount Evans Done
Connecticut Bald Mountain
Delaware Ebright Azimuth
Florida Lakewood
Georgia Brasstown Bald Done
Hawaii Mauna Loa Observatory
Idaho Galena Summit
Illinois Scales Mound
Indiana Hoosier Hill
Iowa South of Bigelow, MC
Kansas Kanorado
Kentucky Black Mountain
Louisiana Old Athens
Maine Appalachian Trail
Maryland Conneway Hill
Massachusetts Mount Greylock
Michigan Watersmeet Park
Minnesota Isabella
Mississippi US 72
Missouri Webster County
Montana Beartooth Highway
Nebraska Bushnell
Nevada Wheeler Peak
New Hampshire Mount Washington
New Jersey High Point
New Mexico Sandia Crest
New York Whiteface Mountain
North Carolina Mount Mitchell Done
North Dakota Rhame
Ohio Hi Point Career Center
Oklahoma Mexhoma
Oregon Crater Lake
Pennsylvania Baughman Spring
Rhode Island Jerimoth Hill
South Carolina Sassafras Mountain Done
South Dakota O’Neil Pass
Tennessee Clingman’s Dome Done
Texas Mt Locke
Utah Bald Mountain Pass
Vermont Mount Equinox
Virginia Grayson Highlands Done
Washington Sunrise Ranger Station
West Virginia Snoeshoe Ski Area
Wisconsin Sugarbush Hill
Wyoming Beartooth Pass

9 responses to “The 50 State Project

  • suzecycling

    Whoosh, that’s a list. I’d love to climb Equinox, in VT, it’s not far north of me, but my understanding is that cyclists are permitted only once during the year, during a race. And to add insult to that injury, I don’t think riders are permitted to descend. Ditto Mt. Washington, in New Hampshire. There’s a fairly well-known race, or maybe races, but I don’t think it is generally open to bikes. Phoooey on them both. It would be nice to be wrong, though.

    • aaronwest

      Hi Suze. Unfortunately I believe you are correct. I have eyed those hillclimb series and fear they are my only way of tackling these behemoths. What makes it worse is this rules out the opportunity to climb them on the same trip. I am flirting with the idea of trying Washington next year.

  • Carl

    Aaron, you have your work cut out for you. Since I am almost 60 with a rod in my hip, I can only cheer on the young ones who try. Biking is good exercise when your knee cartilage starts wearing out.

    How about a few state #2 rides, or maybe even a high 5 list? For VA #2, take this trip up Whitetop from the upper end of the Va Creeper trail:

    When visiting the higher elevations of Whitetop Mountain, be sure to prepare yourself with clothing for inclement weather. The weather can change at a moment’s notice! Take a hike to just below the peak of Whitetop on the Appalachian Trail to Buzzard’s Rock. The high peaks of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia are all visible from the vantage point there.


    From Damascus, Va, follow Route 58 east for about 8 miles. Take a left onto VA-600. Approximately 1 mile later, make your next left onto the gravel road Mud Creek Lane, which takes you to the summit of Whitetop Mountain. There is a parking lot adjacent to the Appalachian Trail with camping nearby. Continue up the gravel road and it will take you to the summit where you can get a glimpse of the surrounding states, or even a breathtaking sunset.

    • aaronwest

      Hi Carl, Thanks for stopping by. If I have my way, I won’t stop at #1 or #2, especially in VA, which is not too far from where I live. As it turns out I may be tackling Grayson Highlands later next month. Whitetop Mountain looks to be very close to that. The only issue may be the gravel road, which I am probably not too well equipped for right now. Is the gravel very thick? Is it rideable with regular road tires?

  • exmaschine

    I’m heading to Whiteface in two weeks! I hope I can make the climb. 8 miles, 3500′ 7.9% avg…yikes. I’ll give it my best Aaron!

  • cyclinfool

    If you want to fill in information for climbs in the North East, refer to this web site:

  • Jessica Wright

    How are you coming along with this? It’s one of my goals as well, so I really appreciate the list you’ve compiled. So far I have done Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.

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