Virginia Climbs

Grayson Highlands

Grayson Highlands

Disclaimer: Climb AT YOUR OWN RISK! Many of these will be difficult, strenuous, with dangerous descents. Do your own research and make sure you are prepared for the terrain. You are responsible for yourself!

The table below has a description of the climb, Strava segment links, and website content links.

Climb Description Links
Grayson Highlands This is the highest point in Virginia, and can be accessed from Highlands Parkway, just north of the NC state line. The climb is a mixture of steep and easy sections, with a couple false flats. It gets a little tougher about midway through the climb, past the ranger station, and has a prolonged section of 8-11%. The summit is the visitor center. There isn’t a viewing area at the top, but there is a nice overlook about midway through the climb. Strava (from shop), Strava (from Highlands Parkway), Grayson Highlands
Highlands Parkway This is a short climb that ends at the base of Grayson Highlands state park. The beginning is a very easy grade of 1-3%, but it has a couple tougher sections and tight switchbacks on the way up. At most it reaches a 10% grade. The speed limit on the road is 55, but the switchbacks make this climb reasonably safe. Strava, Grayson Highlands

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