Sylva / Cullowhee Routes

Disclaimer: Follow these routes AT YOUR OWN RISK! Many of these will be difficult, mountain routes that are far from civilization. Do your own research, make sure you have places to stop and refuel. Be careful when descending mountains. You are responsible for yourself!


Mileage Climbing Notes
Tuesday MM Ride 25.1 2045  
Sylva Cullowhee Loop 26.9 2073  
Caney Fork 31.8 1844 Flattest ride from Sylva.
Whittier Loop 20.5 1594  
Waterrock Knob 43.5 4739  
Ring of Fire 38.2 5048  
Caney Fork – John’s Creek 38.6 2920  
Richland Balsam 49.2 5879  
Cherokee – Waterrock Knob 60.2 6734  
Ring of Hades 73 8235  
Ring of Scott 63.9 8012  
Tanasee Creek 63.7 7314  
Cullowhee – Macedonia Church Loop 69.2 7981  

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