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Newish Stuff

Over the last few months, I found myself committed to a number of different projects. The most notable was my 2nd Assault on Mount Mitchell, which you have doubtlessly heard (maybe a little too much) about. There have been other projects, most of which were not website or cycling related. In a nutshell, time has been scarce. Here and there I have dabbled with the website, slowly and secretly adding new content areas and growing the site.

This post showcases some of the newer stuff I have added.

A number of months ago, I pledged to build a ‘Links’ section. It was an ambitious undertaking, which I knew would take awhile. I nipped at it little by little, and it is now in decent working order, albeit far from completion. It can be accessed by the above ‘Links’ menu or by clicking here.

It seems like everyone has a blogroll. I wanted to do something a little different by making mine more of a database. There are a number of areas I am quite proud of, and have used for my own reference. My Blogs section is divided into four categories: Climbing, Local, General, and Everything Else. Rather than just list them, I tried to summarize the blog. Who wants to look at an endless sea of links with no explanation?

I am particularly fond of the Climbing and Regional sections. They have a lot of resources that I have referenced often.

I get asked more than anything about specific rides. The Rides section links to a number of organizer websites for rides I’ve done. Since there is a lot of interest specific to Mount Mitchell training, I added its own section, which I expect people will find interesting next spring.

Like with anything, these are constantly under construction. As I find more stuff, I’ll add it. Please refer back often for updates.

I added a bucket list of sorts in the Southern Sixers section. Longtime readers of the blog know that I tend to ride the largest peaks in the Southeast. One day I would like to ride all of them, at least all that can be accessed by bike. Over time (a LONG time, probably), I will keep this list updated. Hopefully one day everything will be conquered.

Finally, I have added a couple new photo gallery areas. The Blue Ridge Parkway is, as you would expect, pictures I have taken on the parkway. With a hefty summer schedule (more on that soon), I expect to add to this gallery a lot. Another new section is the Conquests area. Recently I have started taking pictures of my bike after conquering climbs. The gallery is small for now, but should grow in time.

If anyone has a suggestion for a link or anything else that might make the site more useful, don’t hesitate to Contact me.