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Bridge to Bridge Photo Journal

Since Bridge to Bridge was such a big ride, I could not include all of the photos in the blog post. Like I did with Mitchell a few months ago, I am posting a photo journal for this ride. These were mostly taken from the bike while moving, so the quality is not always spectacular. At the end there is a video of me crossing the finish line.

You can read the full ride report here.

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Early bird gets the worm

Early bird gets the worm

Bridge to Bridge starting line

Starting line

Starting line behind me

Starting line behind me

Early Paceline Group

The early paceline group

The sign should have said '10 mile climb ahead'

Climbing up 181.

Grinding my way up Highway 181.

Foggy hwy 105

Foggy riding near Linville

Highway 105

Highway 105 near Foscoe

This was the usual greenery on Schull's Mill Rd

Schulls Mill Rd

Shull's Mill Road

Schull's Mill Road

fog on highway 221

Heavy fog on 221 / Blowing Rock Hwy

A short, steep and grueling climb ahead.

Still foggy heading up Grandfather

Oh look, the sun. My legs hurt.

Please pass, car. My quads need that lane.

Half mile from top of grandfather

C'mon, we're not there yet?

Three switchbacks near the top of Grandfather

Three switchbacks near the top of Grandfather

I would smile for the picture if this didn't hurt so much.

That's not a smile. That's a groan that shows teeth.

Last climb of Grandfather.

The last hurrah. Can I get a push?

The 3rd speck is me on the last climb.

The actual finish line.

Clouds below Grandfather Mountain

These are the clouds we rode through all day

More clouds on the other side.

Swinging Bridge is not as scary when you can't see the bottom.