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2013 Schedule


While it is easy to get carried away with my plans for next August, there’s a lot to do between March and July in order to succeed in the Alps. With that in mind, I put together an ambitious schedule for the coming year.

Last year the goal was to ride the four or five toughest centuries in the southeast. I succeeded in that challenge, at least in riding the popular centuries that are argued to be most challenging. However, my list was not definitive. There are lots of rides in the southeast, some of them could be tougher than the ones I attempted last year.

For this coming year, my goal is try out new rides in different parts of the country. The only duplicates on this schedule are Assault on the Carolinas and the Assault on Mount Mitchell, both of which I will ride for my third time. The remainders are all new, and some are further out of town.

These are just organized events. We’re already talking about training rides in between. Needless to say, there will be a lot of climbing in 2013.

Assault on the Carolinas Brevard, NC
Cheaha Challenge Piedmont, AL
Burnt Mountain Century Cumming, GA
3 State 3 Mountain Chattanooga, TN
Assault on Mount Mitchell Spartanburg, SC
Mountains of Misery Roanoke, VA
3 Mountain Madness Winston Salem, NC
Cherohala Challenge Tellico Plains, TN
Roan Moan Bakersville, NC
Haute Route Geneva, Switzerland to Nice, France

These rides all stop at Haute Route. There are other rides I’d like to try in the late fall, such as Tour de Gaps, Hincapie, and I’d like another run at Bridge to Bridge. Whether I do them or not will depend on how I feel.

New Section: Climbs

This is a new area I have been working on for awhile that is finally ready to publish. This is a directory or index of sorts that lists the climbs I have explored in various states. Right now the majority are in South Carolina and North Carolina, although I expect this to expand the more I ride and blog. Right now everything is on one page and may seem a bit messy, but in time I plan to split it into separate pages for each state and possibly for each region, depending on how well I can populate it.

You can access the new section anytime from the top navigation or by following this link: Climbs

You are welcome to suggest areas for me to explore either on Twitter, Comment or Email.