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September 2012: The Last Hurrah

Last climb of Grandfather

While it is easy to get carried away with my distant 2013 plans, but there are still a few things to be done in the 2012 season. This September will be my biggest month of the year, with two of my A events taking place in the middle and end of the month.

First will be a tune-up to hopefully jump-start my fitness. This weekend will be the Tour de Paws outside of Spartanburg. It is a metric century with rolling hills, which is perfect at this point of my training. My plan will be to try and stay with the front pack. I haven’t been riding as strongly recently, so that might not work out. All that matters is that I get quality miles to prepare me for the following week.

After a short taper, I will be revisiting familiar ground. I’ll be back in Lenoir, NC for Bridge to Bridge. I have fond memories of climbing out of the clouds last year, but this time I am hoping for some better weather for the rest of the ride. I’m not thrilled about climbing Grandfather Mountain again, but I know that it can be done.

After that is a free weekend, and there is a slight chance that I’ll travel to Johnson City, TN for their Climbing for a Cause. This would be a good opportunity to check out some of the riding there, but it all depends on how fatigued and/or broke I’ll be that weekend.

The season capper will be a mammoth ride in Georgia. It will be my first attempt at Six Gap Century, which is often mentioned as one of the toughest rides in the southeast. I previewed some of the gaps not too long ago, including Hogpen Gap, which will be the toughest climb of the day.

Phew, I get tired even thinking about it. The good news is that my season officially ends after Six Gap. There will be some other events, but they are going to be casual rides. This will be the last that I ‘push it’ in 2012.

Push It Real Good

What a crazy weekend. The aftermath of the newspaper debacle was quite interesting. The article that I discussed in my Tour de Lake recap did not get published in the paper. To my surprise, it was chopped up and anchored another, larger article that was all about the weekend’s events. They chopped almost everyone besides me, then took my comments further. My “push it” became a transition theme for other parts of the article.

That article was published on the front page of the metro section.

I know, groan. A misstatement that I hoped would be forgotten wound up front and center.

While it was somewhat embarrassing, it was also funny as can be. This entire week I’ve been playfully razzed about it.

My wife had the funniest comment. When I linked the article on my Facebook, she responded with “PUSH IT REAL GOOD!,” calling back Salt n’ Pepa. A friend of mine also linked it with the comment “Push, Aaron, Push.” People at work had even more fun with it. They said I should change my ringtone to the Salt n’ Pepa song.

My co-worker's clip art: "Aaron & Salt n Pepa says to Push It!"

This morning at work I found this clever message waiting for me. It took me awhile to figure out who it was, and when I did, I congratulated them. It made me laugh and I’ll keep it there.

Speaking of pushing it, that’s what I am doing this weekend. This will be my final push in Mount Mitchell Training. Tomorrow I am headed to Table Rock State Park. I’ll be joined by about a dozen other cyclists who will use the park as a base for rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be skipping out on Saturday’s ride to participate in Issaqueena’s Last Ride out of Walhalla, NC. The route for Friday and Sunday are up in the air, but hopefully long, easy climbing rides.

As I was wrapping up around the office and telling people goodbye for the long weekend, one of my co-workers looked up. “Have a good time in the mountains,” she said and nonchalantly added, “and don’t forget to push it.”

I’ll push it real good.