I’m still pinching myself that I’m able to resume doing what I enjoy.

At this point, according to my Strava, I’ve done 6 activities. And I know that two of them weren’t logged, so that’s not bad for a couple of weeks. According to Strava, I’ve ridden 56 miles this year for an elevation gain of 2,300 feet. In other words, the equivalent of one training ride a few years back.

The nice part is there has been improvement. Even better, there has been no pain. The injury and subsequent surgery will always be part of me, but to this point it has not been an inhibitor. I’ve chosen mostly easy rides. My riding has gotten better and I’ve not been laboring as much, but I’m also not ready to join the A group.

The longest ride thus far was this week’s “Thirsty Thursday” ride. I left from the house with some new, local friends, and then we enjoyed an even paced ride throughout the city of Columbia. This is a beginner ride that goes very slowly, and it was probably a little too slow for me — a good sign given that I was on a mountain bike — and it ended at a local pizza place. I resisted the temptation for pizza because I’m looking to lose some weight (although I did not resist the beer, because that would be a crime against humanity). We then rode back home under cover of darkness. It was a grand 20 miles, and there will be more.

We are now in the hottest part of the year so far with triple digit temperatures hitting this week, and I don’t mind taking a little bit of a break. Rather than push myself, I brought my mountain bike in for a tune-up and today I am dropping off my road bike. I am ready to resume road riding and will probably start with the C group at the next weekday ride where the temperature isn’t insane.

So far I’m pleased with slow, incremental progress as I continue my comeback. Road riding is what I love. There’ll be a temptation to go too fast and too far, but I think my lack of fitness will help curb that as well.

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