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6 responses to “Rides

  • Greg Larkin

    Hi Aaron,

    If you’re looking for another good challenge in 2012 that’s further afield, check out the Chet Warman Memorial Ride in VT: http://peakraces.peak.com/warman/. We rode it this year, and it was a great time and well-run.

    You might also want to try one of the Northeast hillclimb races in 2012: http://www.hillclimbseries.com/. We’ve had a great time riding those races over the past couple of years.

    We rode Mt. Mitchell in 2010, and hope to get back there again (or maybe B2B ride) in 2012 or 2013.


    • aaronwest

      Thanks for the heads up! I have had my eye on the Northeast for a ride someday, specifically Mount Washington which looks to be covered on that series. It probably won’t happen next year, but maybe in 2012. That Warman ride looks insane, right up my alley.

  • Charles

    Hi Aaron. I just wanted to thank you for stopping to lend a hand when my friend crashed in the Fabulous Fourth ride. Also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog about that event. I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about planning a ride so if you get a sec, please drop me a line. Thanks again, Charles

  • jim.harmon@gmail.com

    Is this site still active? Dates of events are not correct.

    • aaronwest

      Yes, very active, but this is a blog about rides and not a listing of those to come. The dates are correct for when I rode them. Currently recovering from surgery last year with a 12-16 month recovery time. Things will resume as they were eventually.

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