Tryon / Saluda Routes

Disclaimer: Follow these routes AT YOUR OWN RISK! Many of these will be difficult, mountain routes that are far from civilization. Do your own research, make sure you have places to stop and refuel. Be careful when descending mountains. You are responsible for yourself!


Mileage Climbing Notes
Tryon Climber 1 42.4 4776 Fork Creek, Pot Shoals
Tryon Climber 2 52.9 5902 Green River, Hogback
Die Tryon! 93 11588 Just about everything.
Tryon to Pinnacle Mountain 65 7077  
Tryon to Watershed 35.9 3651  
Howard Gap, Holbert Cove the Hard Way 44.8 4433  
Lake Summit Explorer 39.6 3987  
Tryon Climbing Extravaganza 65.3 8706 Hogback, White Oak, Green River
Tryon Triple 42.3 5411 Hogback, Green River

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