Local/Southeast Blogs

1 in the Zone – Richard is a true adventurer. He has done some epic events, including the Tour Divide.
Bark Less Tri More – Kathrin, a German transplant to Greenville, SC, engages in a lot of Triathletes. I met her while training for Mount Mitchell in 2011.
Cucumbers and Pudding – Noah, an Augusta, GA cyclist, another fellow mountain goat. Met him on the Orangeburg ride.
ER Biker Nurse – Mike, a Columbia blogger who completed Mitchell last year.
Low Cadence – Jonathan, a Greenville biker, climber and occasional racer.
Meanderthals – The only hiking blog in my links section. Jeff explores a lot of the same ground that I do, only he does it by foot. Great site.
Pedal Faster – Aaron Trent, a local Paralympic cyclist, and a beast on the bike.
Peter B. Kay Bicycle Blog – A Spartanburg coach, rider and former director of the Assaults on Mount Mitchell. Great training tips.
Run, Bike, Swim with Team Schmitz – Kristin and William, triathlete beasts.
Shut Up and Go Ride – Mark, another Columbia blogger who I have (surprisingly) never met.
Swim-BIKE-Run – John is another mountain goat, lives near Columbia by Lake Wateree.

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