General Cycling Blogs

General Cycling

2K in 2K10 – Paul’s quest to drop weight through cycling.
Bike Hugger – A unique look at cycling, as much a photo-journal of cycling oddities.
Bike Noob – One of my favorite blogs out of Austin, TX. He may not be a noob any longer, but he has a refreshing perspective of all things cycling.
Bike, Run, Eat, Sleep – A Silicon Valley blogger who commutes to work by bike. /envy
Biking Brian – All sorts of riding, touring. Once rode from Seattle to Boston.
Biking to Live – Bryan talks about riding for health and is working towards losing weight on the bike.
Cycleicious – A catch-all site that talks about various cycling topics, mostly from a west coast perspective.
Cycling 123 – An experienced Floridian cyclist that talks about various topics.
Fat Cyclist – Everyone knows Fatty! If you don’t, he’s a popular blogger with a big heart and sense of humor.
Food Cyclist – John rode around the country touring farms and breweries and plans to eventually tour the world.
Giant on My Bike – A tall cyclist who lost a lot of weight and has plans to race.
Globe Trekkin’ – Bo is riding around the country on his bike with no money, exchanging blog mentions for his living.
Jill Outside – A cyclist and mountain biker up in Alaska.
Love thy Bike – A London cyclist with a physical ailment, but that doesn’t stop her from hitting the roads.
Loving the Bike – A lot of motivation and cycling culture.
Serendipities of Life – Frank is retired in England and explores the country on his bike.
Springfield Cyclist – Tracy rides everywhere, all over the place, and loves it.
There and Back Again – Passionate about cycling and historical markers. One of my favorite blogs.
Tootlepedal – Birdwatching and cycling? Who knew it would be such a perfect fit. Gorgeous photos on Tom’s blog.

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