Colorado Photos

In August of 2012, we spent 10 days in the mountains of Colorado. I did a lot of riding, and captured hundreds of pictures. Below are some of my favorites.

You can click each one for a larger view.

Riding up Vail Pass along I-70

Battle Mountain Pass, near Minturn, CO

A gorgeous view along the way to Independence Pass

From the top of Independence Pass.

Summit Lake, from the top of Mount Evans.

From near the top of Loveland Pass

One of the curvier sections of Loveland Pass

Mountain scenery along the way to Copper Mountain

The view from Hoosier Pass

A tight switchback on the way up to Hoosier Pass.

Near the top of Mount Evans

One of the many gorgeous views on the way to Mount Evans

From the top of Mount Evans

A switchbacks along Lookout Mountain Road

Dry, rocky scenery on the way up to Lookout Mountain

Independence Pass triumphant!

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